About Us.

Who We Are?

Our team has been carefully crafted to include trusted experts from several sectors of the industry so we can offer a well rounded perspective to our growing client community. We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for modernizing healthcare. Our firm has chosen Matter as a home because we share a mission to fuel the future of healthcare innovation.

With our experience, we have been involved with a wide range of client projects that have enabled us to design our solutions around the needs of some of our nations most progressive healthcare providers. This growth model has interwoven collaboration and client empowerment into the DNA of Ascendco and further reinforced our mission for empowering healthcare providers to make high impact decisions about their most complex assets and prepare for the digital age.

What We Stand For

We believe there is a tremendous amount of opportunity surrounding surgical assets for healthcare providers to streamline the operating room, reduce operational expenses, and increase the quality of patient care. We are firm believers that the best ideas and concepts originate from the people closest to the problem. That’s why we created an evolved business model to work alongside our customers in solving issues. When you can collaborate around the best people, process, & technology; good things are sure to happen.

Our founders have established a culture for thinking creatively and reacting to conditions on the ground rather than trying to stick with one size fits all solutions. On the other hand, we rely on proven methods whenever they make sense and pride ourselves on getting things done in the most efficient manner possible.

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